"Ons naam gaan ons vooruit." - Dr Jan Moolman

About Moolman Group

From humble beginnings in 1967 as a Pietersburg (Polokwane)-based family business, the Moolman Group has evolved into a highly respected property investment enterprise that owns and manages property portfolios across southern Africa.

The Moolman Group's core business involves the expansion of its property portfolio through both direct acquisition and greenfield development. The group's diverse portfolio incorporates interests in the retail, office and industrial market segments.

At present, the group owns and manages assets valued at more than R7 billion (as at February 2014) and incorporates several property investment companies the majority of which are partnerships with other companies and individuals. This achievement can partially be attributed to the fact that the Moolman Group has a proud reputation of maintaining sound relationships with its wide range of partners.

The Moolman Group exemplifies a modern South African company in touch with the realities of an ever-changing socio-economic environment that increasingly relies on entrepreneurial ability, coupled with a pragmatic approach. The group is known for its ability to stay humble in times of success, and stand firm in the face of adversity.

The Moolman Group provides a comprehensive and professional approach to the development of property, as well as project and property management - rarely is a project regarded as too small and irrelevant, or too vast and sophisticated.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to maximise long-term returns for our shareholders through property investment.

Property is a complex business. We bring to it the experience and expertise that property investment requires.


Our philosophy is to cultivate a strong group of well-managed companies with a commitment to honesty, hard work, excellent customer service and profitability; to fulfil our responsibilities to our employees by continually creating opportunities for their advancement - realising that people are our most important asset and resource; to foster sound relationships with our financiers, advisers, suppliers, associates, and the community at large; and to stand by our absolute integrity as business people.